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There are many clothes manufacturers and suppliers in Guangzhou, most of the fashion clothing wholesale markets are near rail way station, you can buy all made in China clothing at cheap wholesale price from the wholesale vendors.
Fashion clothing wholesale markets in China

As you know, Guangzhou is the largest fashion clothes wholesale center in China. You can buy all made in China clothing at wholesale price here, there are a lot of clothing suppliers and vendors near railway station. In this blog post, China-Jeans (CJ) is going to share some well-known clothing wholesale markets in Guangzhou where you can find chinese wholesale clothing manufacturers.

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List of Wholesale Clothing Markets in Guangzhou, China

Looking for China wholesale markets for clothes. Here are some famous wholesale clothing markets in Guangzhou, covering fast fashion, boutique, high-end, and cheap wholesale clothing for men and women. You can buy Made in China Clothing in the markets blow.

Guangzhou Zhanxi Road Clothing Wholesale Market

Zhan Xi Fashion Wholesale Market is located on the west side of Guangzhou Railway Station. In this area, you can find not only wholesale jeans vendors, but you can also find other clothing wholesale vendors, there are many clothing markets around, such as: Huimei Plaza, Kimbo Fashion City, etc. Each market has several floors where hundreds of fashion suppliers sell their clothing at cheap wholesale price.

Guangzhou Shisanhang Clothes Wholesale Market

Guangzhou Shisanhang Clothing Wholesale Market is a high-end quality clothing wholesale distribution center for China domestic market. And there are more women’s clothing wholesale vendors. There are five large wholesale clothes markets on Shisanhang Road.

  1. New China (Building) Clothing Wholesale City
  2. Grand Times Costume Wholesale Market
  3. Chida Fashion Square
  4. Yaosheng Clothing Wholesale Market
  5. Hongbiantian Garment Trade Center

Guangzhou Changjiang International Clothing City

Guangzhou Changjiang International Clothing City is a display and trading market for all type of clothing. You can find suppliers for custom clothing with low MOQ. The clothing vendors here are cooperating with factories, so they can make custom clothing for brands from all over the world. The ground floor and first floor are vendors for denim clothing.

Guangzhou Liuhua Clothing Wholesale Market

Established in October 1996, Liuhua Fashion Wholesale Market is one of the most advanced and best-served clothing wholesale markets in Guangzhou. They have one of the most extensive supply distribution centers, bringing together thousands of manufacturers from all over China, offering the latest styles and the most competitive prices.

Guangzhou Xintang Denim Jeans Wholesale Market

Guangzhou Xintang Jeans Wholesale Market (Xintang International Denim City) is located in the denim capital of the world – Xintang Town, Guangzhou City. It is one of the largest jeans manufacturing base in China. There are about 3000 wholesale jeans suppliers in the market, and 60% of online jeans in China come from here.

Guangzhou Yulong Clothing Wholesale Market

Guangzhou Yulong Clothing Wholesale Center is located on Guangyuan West Road. They aupply medium grade clothing with average prices. The buyers are mainly from Africa and Mid East. They also supply plus size clothes for both men and women. 

Made in China clothes manufacturer

Made in China Clothes Manufacturers

There are many clothing brands made in China in the world, they buy clothes from China to sell in their country. Currently, China produces 65% of the world’s clothing and is the world’s largest producer and exporter of textiles. With its flexible supply capabilities and low prices, many clothing entrepreneurs prefer to produce garments in China rather than other countries.

How to Find Made in China Clothes Manufacturers Online

When you search clothing manufacturers in China on Google, there will be a long list of suppliers, it’s including cheap clothes and designer wholesale clothing from China. Take some time to check it up and contact those manufacturers, then you will find the best one who offer good quality clothing with China factory price.

If you if you are looking for clothing manufacturers in China, or have questions about Made in China Clothing. don’t hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to serve you.

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Cary Jiang

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