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When getting custom cargo pants made, it’s important to communicate your requirements clearly with the cargo pants manufacturers, tell them the design aspects you want such as: material, fit, color and other embellishment, etc. This will ensure that the final products meets your expectations and fits you well. China-Jeans (CJ) is able to produce and create differient cago jeans and pants with all type of decorations, such as side pockets, bottom zipper and so on.

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If you are looking to create cargo denim pants, you will be pleased to know that there are numerous options available to you. Depending on your needs and preferences, you can choose to use different materials and colors such as denim or woven cotton fabric. You can also use fabrics of different colors for contrasting styles. In terms of overalls styles, you can design different pocket sizes and shapes, etc. Plus, you can add unique features like zippers or buttons to give your cargo jeans a premium feel.

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China-Jeans (CJ) is able to create unique and stylish cargo jeans for you to meet the specific needs and positioning of your brand. In addition, we can also customize cargo pants for you according to your favorite design elements.

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We are a professional clothing manufacturer in China, we supply high quality cargo pants for both men and women.

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As a jean factory manufacturer, we are confident that our price is very competitive among online and offline vendors.

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Today, things are very competitive and time is important. We will do our best to help our customers save time and money.

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Cargo jeans, also known as cargo pants or cargo trousers, are a style of pants that usually have multiple pockets on either side of the leg. These pockets are usually characterized by their large size and flap closure and are suitable for storing small items or tools. Known for their relaxed, rugged look, cargo jeans are a popular of streetwear item. Here are some Cargo jeans styles for your reference, you can customize them for your own brand.

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MOQ: 300 PCS
Lead Time: 20-25 Days

Men's Stacked Cargo Pants

MOQ: 300 PCS
Lead Time: 20-25 Days

Men's Vintage Cargo Jeans

MOQ: 300 PCS
Lead Timg: 20-25 Days

OEM Cargo Stacked Jeans

MOQ: 300 PCS
Lead Time: 20-25 Days

Ladies Oversized Cargo Jeans

MOQ: 300 PCS
Lead Time: 20-25 Days

Women Distressed Cargo Jeans

MOQ: 300 PCS
Lead Timg: 20-25 Days

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China-Jeans (CJ) is a professional cargo pant manufacturer offers a wide variety of cargo jeans for men and women, including jogger cargo pants, stacked cargo pants, straight cargo jeans, camouflage cargo trousers and baggy cargo pants in various colors such as: black, green, white, grown, khaki, gray, burgundy, etc.

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