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Denim Washing Process in Jeans Factory

A pair of jeans needs to go through dozens of processes to complete from raw denim material to ready-to-wear jeans. Let's talk about the denim washing process of different jeans washes in factory.
Jeans washing processing.

Denim Washing Process in Jeans Factory

China-Jeans (CJ) is a Custom Denim Jeans Manufacturer which is ready to meet all your needs. We aim to help private label brands, clothing stores, Startups, and designers to launch their own denim line with our custom-made denim jeans. We are a complete one-stop jean factory manufacturer offering top quality with low MOQ, reasonable price, and prompt delivery. As a professional Custom Denim Manufacturer, we bespoke various denim washes as per your designs. With our complete denim washing process, China-Jeans (CJ) can achieve any jeans wash effect of any styles you are looking for. The denim washing process is very complicated, let’s check how jeans are washed in denim factory.

Different Types of Jeans Washing and Instructions

To make high-quality jeans, the choice of fabric is very important, but it is also inseparable from high-end washing and craftsmanship. Because the beauty of denim is mainly created by washing. China-Jeans (CJ) offers a complete range of denim washing methods including: enzyme wash, stone wash, bleach, acid wash, sand wash and snow wash to create the perfect denim wash effects for your jeans collection. We produce all custom denim for your project and can achieve the results you want for your denim clothing. Below are detailed instructions for some different jeans washes.


Garment wash is to put the manufactured jeans into the machine for ordinary washing, which is similar to washing clothes at home but it’s mechanized. Generally, we set the water temperature at about 35°-45°C when make garment wash, then add a certain amount of washing powder or laundry liquid, the washing time is about 15 minutes, and then wash the clothes with clean water and add some softener.


Stone wash is to make the denim garments textured and rough, it is necessary to do stone wash, that is: add a certain size of pumice stone to the washing washing machine. The pumice stone is divided into yellow stone and white stone. When make stone wash, the water level should be low at where the clothing is fully saturated so that the pumice stone can make good contact with denim. According to different customers’ requirements, the amount of stones can be appropriately increased or decreased to achieve different washing effects.


Enzyme is a kind of cellulase, which can degrade the fiber structure under a certain PH value and temperature, so that the cloth surface can be gently faded, and can make the denim surface look more durable and soft. However, the color cannot be made very light. To achieve light wash denim, bleaching is necessary. The ensyme wash can be used together with stones, which is usually called enzyme stone wash.


When make sand wash, we often use some alkaline and oxidizing auxiliaries to make the clothes have a certain fading effect and old feeling after washing. We will determine the appropriate sand washing agent, concentration, temperature, and sand washing time according to the type of fiber, the tightness and structure of the fabric, etc.


In order to make the denim have a white or bright appearance and soft hand feel, the garment need to be bleached, that is called bleach wash. After an ordinary wash, heat the water to 60°C and add some bleach to the water as needed. When doing a bleach wash, compare the color with the correct sample every 5 minutes until the color is the same as the sample.


ACID washed jeans: that have some of the pigment removed, come in different colors, and are made in a few different ways. Put the jeans in the washing machine and turn it on, then continiously put the proportioned potassium manganate and water into the washing machine in a funnel way. This irregular and even dipping on denim, make it irregular faded looking.

In addition, denim needs to do other crafts before or during the washing process. Such as: Destroy Craft, Monkey Wash, Moustach Effect, 3D Wrinkles, etc.

How to Wash Jeans at Home?

As a premium custom jeans manufacturer, we know exactly how to wash your jeans to keep your jeans looking their original color. It’s better to wash jeans inside out with cold water (below 40 ℃). There is a washing care label on each jeans, you can follow the washing instruction on the label. Jeans should be hung to dry after washing, tumble drying may affect jeans size.

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Cary Jiang

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