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Different Types of Denim Jeans Washes

Different Types of Denim Jeans Washes

Choosing the right materials is an important part in denim manufacturing. While the fabric itself is important, the aesthetic behind a denim garment is primarily created by the washing. China-Jeans is able to make all types of denim jeans washes and crafts, including: ACID, rinse, emzyme, bleach and stone wash, etc.


Denim jeans washing is an important process in denim production. Jeans produced in the same batch will have different appearance effects in different washing methods.


The most important factor in determining the style effect of jeans is the washing process. In addition to making denim softer and easier to wear, it can also make denim look good.

Custom Denim Washes and Crafts

In order to get the unique appearance of jeans, China-Jeans is able to do all types of jeans washing methods such as stone washing, snow washing, enzyme washing, sand washing, etc., and we can also add some other crafts to the jeans for embellishment, such as: moustachee effect, distressed, hand sewing , monkey washing, etc.

Jeans moustache effect craft making in factory.

Jeans Moustache Effect

Jeans moustache effect is also called whisker which is hand brushed and looks like a mustache.

Denim Destroying Work

Denim destroying process is that use a drill grinder to grind out the desired shape on jeans.

Distressed jeans crafting in washing factory.

Jeans Distressing Craft

Ripped jeans are the epitome of high street fashion, the more destroyed, the more popular.

Denim Grinding Process

Frayed edges give denim wears a different design look and make them trendy and stylish.

Spray Monkey Wash

The monkey wash is to make the jeans look retro. The most typical is to spray monkeys on thighs.

Brush Monkey Wash

According to customers different needs, monkey wash can be made lighter or heavier.

Detail Description of Denim Washing

Bespoke Denim Jeans Washes​ for Your Project​

The reason why denim clothing is loved by people is not entirely because of the changes in its style design and production process, but because of the changing colors and craftsmanship, which add a lot of luster to denim clothing.

Garment washed jeans.

Garment Wash Denim

Garment wash is just for ordinary washing, it makes fabric cleaner, softer and more comfortable to wear. It takes only about 15-30 minutes for garment washing. It’s commonly used on colored apparels, such as t-shirt, hoodies, cargo pants, cotton pants and colored jackets, etc.

Stone wash jeans

Stone Wash Denim

Stone washing can give raw denim texture and a rough effect. During stone washing process, the water level should be low, just soaking the clothes; so that the stones can be in good contact with the clothes. The washing time can be adjusted according to the different needs of customers to achieve different washing effects.

Enzyme jeans for men.

Denim Enzyme Wash

Stone wash can give the raw denim a texture and rough effect. When making stone wash, the water level should be low, it’s enough that the clothes are just soaked; so that the stones can be in good contact with the clothes. According to customers’ different needs to adjust the washing time to achieve different washing effects.

Vintage blue color jeans for men.

Vintage Wash

Vintage washing is through various physical and chemical methods to make new jeans look as old as natural wear. Generally, the more complicated the handwork, the more natural and the higher the quality of the wash.

ACID wash women jeans

ACID Wash (Snow Wash)

Acid wash jeans are basically chemically treated to remove the color from the jeans, not from everywhere but from random areas. Depending on the concentration of chemicals, you can create a variety of patterns. Therefore, no two acid wash jeans are exactly alike.

Trendy Jeans Washing Colors

Looking for some custom jeans washing ideas? Here are some newest trendy jeans washing colors for your reference.