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Sourcing the right manufacturing partner can be a daunting task for fashion brands. As an expert clothing manufacturer, China-Jeans (CJ) is here to guide you through this process and save you time and money. With our rich knowledge and resources, we can meet your specific needs and requirements on custom designs.
Sourcing Clothing Manufacturers In China

Sourcing clothing manufacturers is a complex process, but one that will benefit your clothing business in the long run. In this artical China-Jeans (CJ) will guide you on how to find the perfect clothing manufacturers in China! No need to worry as we will tell you where to find the best clothing manufacturers for your business. We understand that finding reliable and high-quality clothing manufacturers can be quite daunting, especially if you’re new to the industry or looking to expand your product line. 

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Firstly, of cource finding a clothing production company is the first choice. Because they are more professional, and they know how to achieve your custom clothing needs and avoid mistakes from the process. China-Jeans (CJ) is a professional streetwear clothing manufacturer that has more than 15 years experience in the industry. We produce premium clothing at competitive price. We have worked for many brands from USA, Europe, Australia, and other countries. If you are going to make custom clothing in China, we sincerely hope we can cooperate with you. We can manufacture clothing with your private labels. China-Jeans (CJ) is passionate about bringing your unique clothing designs to life and ensuring you a strong profit margin.

There are several ways to find fashion production companies. First, is to find them online, for example B2B Platforms, or Google. You can source clothing manufacturers of all kind through internet, even you can find clothing manufacturers in USA. Also, you can go to China, to find clothing suppliers on the markets. After you get the list of clothing manufacturers, the most inportant thing is to find the perfect manufacturing partner for your business! You can pick the best clothing producder from these aspect: manufacturers’ capabilities, production capacity, pricing, turnaround times and products quality. It is easy to feagure out, you can make sample or place trail order to the factories.

Apparel Sourcing Online

When it comes to clothing sourcing in China, there are several options you can consider and find the perfect match for your business needs.

  1. Manufacturers: Working directly with clothing manufacturers can be a cost-effective way to source clothing. You can find manufacturers through online directories, trade shows, or by networking with industry contacts.
  2. Wholesale Suppliers: Wholesale suppliers offer a range of clothing options in stock and often have minimum order requirements. They can be found through trade shows, industry directories, or by contacting brands that offer wholesale opportunities.
  3. Overseas Suppliers: If you’re looking for lower production costs, you may consider sourcing clothing from overseas suppliers. Countries like China, India, Bangladesh, and Vietnam are popular for clothing manufacturing. However, be mindful of potential language barriers, cultural differences, and longer lead times when working with overseas suppliers.
  4. Apparel sourcing agent: You can also ask apparel sourcing agent to help you find clothing manufacturers. They have large network of manufacturers and suppliers of fashion products, including clothing, accessories, jewelry, footwear, and homeware, etc. Apparel sourcing companies offer full service of clothing mustization, they connect clients and factories. They can check product quality for customers, and find reputable clothing factories. Dealing with clothing sourcing agent, will save you time in sourcing clothing manufacturers, they will just charge charge some commision from you order.


There are several clothing manufacturers that you can consider as a source for your clothing business. You can find them online or visit factories in person. Remember to thoroughly research and vet any potential clothing manufacturers before committing to working with them. Evaluate their capabilities, production capacity, quality control measures, and ethical practices to ensure they align with your brand values and requirements.

Cary Jiang

Cary Jiang

Hello everyone, my name is Cary Jiang, the founder of China-Jeans.Com. We are a jeans manufacturer in China, that have more than 15 years experience in producing high quality jeans. Our products cover all type of streetwear fashion such as: denim jeans, shorts, jackets, t-shirts and hoodies etc. We are committed to provide good quality apparels at lower price. We are working with private labels, wholesalers and online stores from all over the world. Welcome to cooperating with us. We are ready to meet your needs.

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China-Jeans.Com was founded by Cary Jiang who has been supplying and manufacturing jeans for 15 years. He took his initials and gave the company a domain name, and he expects and devotes himself to making China-Jeans (CJ) one of the best jeans manufacturers and wholesale jeans suppliers in China.

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