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Pearl studded jeans and jackets
bling jeans

Add Bling Jeans to Your Denim Line

Creating bling jeans for your clothing store with China-Jeans (CJ), we can produce heavily designed bling jeans for men and women at low price and it covers studded, rhinestones and pearl jeans & jackets, etc.

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Jeans trends for men and women.
fashion trends

What is The Newest Jeans Trends in 2023?

Fashion trend changes every year, but jeans are always in fashion. In this post, we’ve rounded up the best-selling denim pieces for 2023, as well as the top jeans trends. We’ll describe the latest men’s denim trends, and women’s denim trends separately.

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How to start your own clothing brand?
satar clothing line

How to Start Your Own Clothing Brand?

A step-by-step guide on how to start a new clothing brand with no experience, a small budget, and no designers. We will share with you from start-up costs, design ideas and how to find garment factories.

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Custom Denim Jacket Manufacturer
denim jacket manufacturers

Custom Denim Jacket Manufacturers in China

China-Jeans (CJ) is a global leading online Wholesale Denim Jacket Manufacturer and Supplier in China. With China-Jeans (CJ) you can create unique custom denim jacket that will make your fashion label stand out among the rest.

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Jeans washing processing.
denim washing process

Denim Washing Process in Jeans Factory

A pair of jeans needs to go through dozens of processes to complete from raw denim material to ready-to-wear jeans. Let’s talk about the denim washing process of different jeans washes in factory.

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Online Jeans Customization

China-Jeans (CJ) is an online denim vendor offers free jeans customization solution. Read through our blogs to know latest fashion jeans trends, streetwear jeans outfits and useful industry content.

Jean Factory Manufacturers

As an top denim factory provider, China-Jeans is able to assist jeans brands and jeans distributors in developing diverse denim lines for their respective stores; addionally, we can drop-ship for you.

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