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Where Can I Get Jeans Manufactured Cheaply?

China-Jeans (CJ) is one of the best denim jeans supplier among the denim jeans manufacturers who supply and manufacture denim clothing at reasonable price. We provide full service of customized denim jeans and jackets, we also supply wholesale jeans with trendy styles.
Jeans manufacture at cheap price.

Where to find the cheapest place or factory to manufacture custom denim jeans? The B2B online wholesale marketplace is a good direction. In this post, I will describe how to get jeans manufactured cheaply and how to find the best jeans manufacturer for your business. First of all, you need to know what influnce jeans cost in the wholesale production.

How to get jeans manufactured cheaply?

1. Find correct denim jeans factory manufacturers

If you want to save cost when making custom jeans, you should find right jeans factories. But how to find it among tons of jeans suppliers online. Of course, choose the most suitable manufacturer according to your situation. For exsample, if you are just starting a denim line or you want to test a new jeans design, then a jeans factory that offers small batch production will be right for you. If you are buying jeans in big quantity, then a large scaled and well experienced jeans manufacturer will be more suitable for you. What can be confirmed is, jeans factory manufacturer offer better price than jeans trading companies and they are more professional. 

2. Reduce costs without sacrificing results

When it comes to the bulk jeans production stage, we calculate the price of the mass production according to the fabric, design complexity, crafting process and trim accessories. Fabric accounts for about 1/3 of the total cost of jeans production. In order to get a cheaper jeans, you can consider to use different fabric. Generally speaking, the higher the cotton content of the fabric, the more expensive it is, and the thicker the fabric, the more expensive it is. According to China-Jeans (CJ) experience, when manufacturing a cotton stretch jeans (98% Cotton, 2% Spandex) at about 10 USD, it will be about 9 USD if TR fabrci (70% Cotton, 28% Polyester, 2% Spandex) instead. Of course, the quality of workmanship is different and the price will be different. But we do not recommend sacrificing quality for cost savings.

3. Find a trusted jeans manufacturer and work long term

When you find a new jeans supplier, it will take a while for both of you to get used to each other. It’s true that establishing a long-term relationship with a trusted jeans manufacturer will benefit your future business. Of course, whether the jeans manufacturer can meet your quality requirements will be a necessary condition to determine if it can cooperate for a long time. You can test your potential jean factories by placing trial orders and choose the best jeans manufacturer to work long term with.

How jeans factories save money for you? Normally, when you cooperate with a factory for a long time, they will always give you a better price and service. After working with you for many years, they understand your needs better and will not make mistakes. In fact, these are also reducing costs for you.

Brand jeans manufacturer

How to find jeans manufacturers for your brand?

Jeans are basically a must-have item in everyone’s wardrobe. A pair of jeans = 100 sets of outfits. Wearing a pair of jeans can make you look youthful and stylish. If you are looking for a quality jeans manufacturer, then you can try China-Jeans (CJ). We can provide the best quality jeans with most reasonable price, and we can provide custom service that can customize all types of denim jeans for you according to your special needs.

With the development of the internet, more and more denim manufacturers have also expanded their business online. If you are looking for a jeans manufacturer for your brand, the quality of the jeans is very important. It can intuitively show your brand positioning to consumers. China-Jeans can provide you with the most popular men and women jeans with fashionable styles and fast update speed. We are your one-stop destination for custom jeans. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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Cary Jiang

Cary Jiang

Hello everyone, my name is Cary Jiang, the founder of China-Jeans.Com. We are a jeans manufacturer in China, that have more than 15 years experience in producing high quality jeans. Our products cover all type of streetwear fashion such as: denim jeans, shorts, jackets, t-shirts and hoodies etc. We are committed to provide good quality apparels at lower price. We are working with private labels, wholesalers and online stores from all over the world. Welcome to cooperating with us. We are ready to meet your needs.

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China-Jeans.Com was founded by Cary Jiang who has been supplying and manufacturing jeans for 15 years. He took his initials and gave the company a domain name, and he expects and devotes himself to making China-Jeans (CJ) one of the best jeans manufacturers and wholesale jeans suppliers in China.

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